Leadership Workshop

Training to Lead on the Run:

Practical Applications of Marilyn’s Olympian Thinking for 21st Century Leadership

Through inspiring true-life stories of exceptional accomplishment, cutting-edge research, and challenging, enjoyable activities, workshop attendees learn step-by-step how to develop — within themselves and within those they serve — they daily habits that invariably lead to exceptional performance.

Participants Will

  • Identify and harness personal passion to tap optimum levels of the energy and creativity needed for sustained high performance
  • Learn the critical role of vision in high achievement and practice coaching to align team vision and values for peak productivity
  • Discover the only two questions you ever need to ask to dramatically increase productivity

“Once again, my most sincere thanks for your unique contribution to the Haas’ Berkeley Executive Program. For the third your in a row, your session rated among the best, which puts you in a category shared with such luminaries as Nobel Prize winner, Glenn Seaborg … I’m grateful for your continued commitment to engage our executives in the important conversations that are shaping our world.”

– Claudia Weiss, Director, Berkeley Executive Program, Haas School of Business