Performance Enhancement Workshop

Awakening the Olympian Within:

Developing the Core Habits of Peak Performers

In this highly-experimental, learning-by-doing workshop, Marilyn King shows participants how to apply the principles of Olympian thinking to their personal and professional lives. Through inspiring stories, combined with practical applications, exercises, and activities, you will learn how to develop the daily habits that invariably lead to exceptional performance.

Participants Will

  • Identify and harness personal passion — thereby accessing the energy and creativity needed for sustained high performance
  • Discover the critical importance of vision — and practice using the Olympian Thinking tools of ideal Imaging and Success Mapping to work smarter, not harder
  • Practice using “Marilyn’s Olympic Minute” to dramatically increase effective daily action

“My goal for this year’s symposium was to educate and motivate some of our best and brightest leaders. Your session clearly accomplished this goal. The feedback I received on your session was outstanding.”

– Scott A. Dougall, Vice President, IBM Technical Support Americas