Inspiration Motivation

It’s Time to Make Your Dreams Come True:

Tapping the Power of Marilyn’s Olympian Thinking to Make Your Dreams a Reality

These challenging times have unleashed a new wave of desire; direct this powerful energy source to fulfill your gold medal dreams.

You Will Learn

  • How these challenging time provide enormous opportunities
  • The three essential traits you must have to “achieve the unimaginable” — and a 2-minute self-test to measure your progress
  • Inspiring stories about ordinary people who accomplish extraordinary things — and how they do it (step-by-step)


“The reviews are still coming in, and our President’s Club members continue to talk about your incredibly inspiring presentation. More people know about you Marilyn, as you truly moved us. You made us reflect and you us all aware that ordinary people like us can achieve what we set our minds to.”

– Sabrina Thomas, Director