International Day of Peace

One Minute of Silence, One Moment of Goodwill Activity


Your are invited to join with delegates of the United Nations and with citizens throughout the world for our One Minute of Silence to focus on Peace together, followed by a Moment of Goodwill Activity.  This is a Worldwide Peace Initiative wherein individuals, organizations and nations, act in concert on this International Day of Peace (World Peace Day).


September 21st is the annual, universally observed, International Day of Peace (World Peace Day), as proclaimed in a unanimous resolution by all member states of the United Nations.  As the General Assembly convenes in New York, at that very moment, it observes a traditional minute of silence for prayer and meditation to begin the year’s work–to build lasting peace and security for all.


Wherever you are at noon on the second Tuesday of September.


You and everyone who care about Peace for the children of this and future generations.


The International Day of Peace (World Peace Day) serves as a reminder of our permanent commitment to Peace, above all interest and difference of any kind, and gives positive evidence of that commitment through actions of co-operation.  The principle co-operation is the basis for peace-full relations among people and all circles of life.

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