The Future

On the Brink of Peace:

Positive Trends That Are Shaping Our World

In this exciting keynote program, two-time Olympian Marilyn King reveals how the convergence of existing trends indicates that peace is both possible and affordable.

You Will Learn

  • How the convergence of democracy, transparency and technology are reshaping the global political landscape at the highest levels
  • How unprecedented global cooperation is solving the world’s toughest issues
  • A five-minute-per-day practice that will keep you on track with what really matters to you


“… Everyone I spoke with afterward thought it was exceptionally well presented, thought provoking, and very appropriate for TECHMATICS. The message was a perfect fit for our corporate strategy which guides our growth in the 21st Century. Thank you for your unfailing commitment to world peace.”

– Joseph Maurelli, President and Chief Executive Officer, TECHMATICS