What if every child had the opportunity to achieve her/his potential?  What would it be like if every child knew what she/he wanted to be, had the thinking skills, action plan, and a support structure to achieve her/his dream?

Youth Uprising on Vimeo.

You would have a city full of young people who were Daring to Imagine that they could be the carpenters, computer experts, choreographers and business executives of tomorrow. You would have youngsters like J.B., who, although he comes from the worst conditions imaginable, is using the same skills Peter Uberroth used to make the 1980 Olympic Games a financial success. Young people can use these same skills to transcend their environments, overcome destructive daily behavior patterns, and like J.B., they would be actively seeking the resources they need to achieve their goals.

Dare to Imagine is a project designed to give youth the inspiration and the skills to envision, plan and achieve success in heir lives. The Dare to Imagine program is based on Olympian Technology, a high performance “vision to action” program developed by Olympic Pentathlete, Marilyn King. It utilizes the same thinking skills currently taught to elite athletes, astronauts, corporate executives and others interested in exceptional human performance.

Leading academic researches around the world agree that the “3 Rs” of the twenty-first century are T-L-C: thinking, learning, and creating. The Dare to Imagine program makes tomorrow’s skills available to youth today.  While many elements of future education design are unknown, some things are very clear. Children must be taught how they learn (learning styles), how to think creatively, and how to achieve thinks they have never done before. The Dare to Imagine curriculum accomplishes three things:

  1. Assists young people in exploring what really matters to them, which allows them to access high levels of energy, creativity and hope for the future.
  2. Utilizes the most advanced teaching technologies available to teach the thinking skills required to envision, plan and assess a success strategy.
  3. Provides the essential continuous guidance, support, feedback and rewards as the students accomplish their step-by-step action plans.

While the Dare to Imagine program will make a major contribution in the arena of thinking skills acquisition, it will also expedite the structural changes that must occur as our schools move into the next century. The Dare to Imagine program is designed as an after-schools enrichment program.  It incorporates bringing community expertise into the school campus in the form of role models, tutors and mentors, as well as making career-enhancement opportunities for cross curriculum training approaches. The program provides outreach and training for parents and directly engages the community in supporting local school programs.