Awaken The Olympian In You:

How Women in Business Can Use the Power of Marilyn’s Olympian Thinking to Achieve the Unimaginable

In this dynamic, fact-filled, and entertaining keynote program, two-time Olympian Marilyn King reveals how you can harness the power of body, mind and spirit to accomplish extraordinary results in your personal and professional life.

You Will Learn

  • The three essential traits you must have to “achieve the unimaginable” — and a 2-minute self-test to measure your progress
  • The four ways mental images impact performance — and how to direct your mind to create the results you want
  • Why women are natural Olympian thinkers


“I know that this was not your first experience with Hewlett Packard, and your reputation is well deserved as both keynote and workshop presenter. Your message has been an inspiration to those who have had the fortune to be in your audience … Marilyn, I hope this experience was as gratifying to you as it was inspirational to the women who attended your workshop.”

– Judy Allen, Hewlett Packard Regional Women’s Conference