Peace Day Global Broadcast

Most days, the news reports all the problems of the world – war, violence, disease, hunger, corruption – but it seldom offers solutions. The Peace Day Global Broadcast is different.

The broadcast looks squarely at the problems and spotlight practical solutions developed by organizations and ordinary people throughout the world. It highlights the vital work of the United Nations, its humanitarian agencies, and organizations throughout the world working for peace, the environment, human rights, and social and economic justice.

While we may not all agree on every aspect of these messages what is clear is people throughout history have lived in peace. Cooperation is in our DNA or we would not exist as a species. Building on the successes of the United Nations Millennium Development Goals we can all up our game and accelerate the success of the Sustainable Development Goals.

This video message is for a global audience with a simple message –with current information we can all be clear about the goal and play your role in creating the world we all want to live in.